Project Oxygen


ADG were commissioned to create and deliver an interior fit-out scheme for leading sports statistics company Atass within their new build offices in Exeter. Atass had a desire to create a flexible, IT driven workplace with a strong emphasis on improving the working environment for its 80+ employees. We adopted an approach that utilised regular client representative meetings from inception, using 2D and 3D drawings and models to communicate the evolving designs. This approach allowed the whole team to develop their strategic thinking in order to create a number of varied spaces that allowed for both work and socially centred activities to occur. Key to all of this was the IT strategy and providing spaces that would promote flexible, collaborative working and thinking. All of the social spaces were designed to encourage social gathering, to assist in developing team thinking and working.

The interior design encompassed the use of exposed elements of structure, contrasted against applied finishes. Colours were adopted to assist both way-finding and to generate different types of mood. Acoustics were a key element of the finished scheme’s success. We worked alongside an acoustician from early project stages in order to incorporate acoustic treatments into the design in a coordinated manner. Adgective, ADG’s graphics division, worked as part of the team to produce large-scale graphics and way-finding, allowing the whole approach to appear cohesive.

The finished workplace continues to provide Atass with a modern, flexible and vibrant environment that is employee focused and IT responsive.