Becton Dickinson


Becton Dickinson (BD) is a multi-national, precision manufacturing company specialising in the production of purpose-designed drug delivery systems and medical devices. ADG have developed a good understanding of the manufacturing processes, which has been essential in the development of option appraisals.

Since 1998 ADG have been providing BD with architectural design input to support its ongoing maintenance and development programme at their Plymouth site, and more recently, at the Swindon arm of the company. These works have accounted for approximately six million pounds worth of investment.

Our initial commission comprised the installation of new class 10,000 injection moulding machine rooms, carefully inserted within the existing facility, which had to be kept in operation throughout the process.

Recent expansion plans included the design and build of a 22,000sq.ft extension to the warehouse and production facility marking the start of the major expansion at the site, completed in 2008. The project involved the early appointment of the consultant team to advance the detailed design phase and to allow work to commence on site as soon as planning permission was granted. This, combined with specialised fast track cladding systems allowed the client to occupy the new extension quicker than with traditional methods. Also at this time, BD took the opportunity to upgrade the poorly performing external cladding to improve both the thermal efficiency and aesthetic appearance of the facility.

In 2011 we gained a further planning approval for the phase 2 extension, providing BD with an additional 12,000 sq.ft of new production space and warehousing and included major re-structuring of the existing parking and site layout in alignment with their Green Travel Plan. The contract was completed in the summer of 2012.


Becton Dickinson