Boringdon Primary School


ADG were initially commissioned to produce a masterplan for Boringdon School, to look at ways of tackling deficiencies in the existing buildings. The recommendation outcome was the replacement of the existing temporary huts, the construction of additional storage and resource areas and relocation of the school’s playing field to a better-drained area on the site.

Following a successful funding application, we were then appointed as architects and project managers for the provision of the new classrooms. The school wanted to create a separate identity for each of the year group blocks. Working closely with the client, our team designed 3 separate ‘pods’, each housing two classrooms, a shared resource area, storage, WC’s and cloakrooms. The classrooms and resource areas were designed to open onto a covered external teaching area, which is also used during break times.

Each classroom pod is highly insulated to minimise energy use. The classrooms are naturally lit and include large north facing roof lights to boost lighting levels without glare or unwanted heat gain. The project also features a mixed mode ventilation system, using natural ventilation in summer (opening windows and roof lights) and a mechanical ventilation heat recovery unit in winter.

The construction was split over two phases to allow the school early occupation of its new accommodation and to help the contractor manage this very constrained site. Cowlin Construction developed a good working relationship with the client and showed excellent management and attention to detail.

“Throughout the project, the team cohesion has been excellent and their reaction to the ‘fast start’ was much appreciated. The Schools, Governors and Local Authority have appreciated your engaging approach and understanding of the school’s needs to maintain its output. The designs and contract administration has produced an inspiring environment that pupils clearly enjoy and will benefit them in the future. You should be proud of the outcome.”

Les Allen, Strategic Capital Portfolio Manager, Plymouth City Council.


Plymouth City Council


Primary Education