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2020 has certainly been a year to remember! In April 2020 Dale Beeson and Patrick Deigan became the sole directors of ADG less than a fortnight after lockdown had been imposed on the country.


Working in different ways and in various locations throughout the South West, ADG has continued to keep projects on track and clients happy. As a whole the construction industry in the area has pulled together in the face of adversity and uncertainty- And for this everyone deserves a pat on the back!


But as life is a little different right now, we thought we would come up with an alternative Christmas gift. As we look forward to better times in 2021, we would like to invite you to meet with us for lunch and a catch up as our way of showing our appreciation for your continued loyal support over the past 12 months.


We are really looking forward to seeing you again and discussing a much brighter future in the New Year.


To arrange lunch with Dale and Patrick, please contact them via their emails below.


Dale –
Patrick –


In the meantime, Dale, Patrick and all the team at ADG wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.