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We like to think of ourselves as problem solvers, we enjoy providing solutions for our clients’ requirements. Our motivation is the improvement of peoples’ lives, both directly and indirectly, through increased enjoyment, efficiency, sustainability, and wellbeing. We have a dedicated team who is ready for each new challenge and the experience and skills to make it happen.

Architecture has always been our core service at ADG, and we have the skills and experience to support the design and construction of your project at any RIBA project stage.

We also provide a range of design, graphic design, and architectural visualisation services, allowing us to provide our clients with support from inception to conveyancing and marketing, in a tailored package to suit their needs.

ADG Services - Architecture, Design, Graphic Design, Architectural Visualisations

We have been able to apply these core skills to a wide range of industry sectors over more than 35 years, from healthcare and education to manufacturing, housing, and one-off projects. We believe that by doing so our team remains challenged and engaged, whilst this broad base of experience provides transferable skills to serve the needs of our varied clients.

We believe in concentrating on our core skills where we can provide most benefit to the project and our clients. So, when projects require specific design input, in relation to Heritage, Landscape Design or Energy Analysis, we work with the right specialist consultants to tailor our service to suit the project demands. We can build these specialisms into our team offer, providing you with one point of contact to facilitate the process and provide an efficient ‘turn-key’ solution to your architectural needs.

Energy Analysis


Interior Design

Landscape Design

Planning Consultancy

We have always worked across all project stages, so whether you are starting to consider your options, need planning approval, or you’re about to place a shovel in the ground, we can provide you with the support you need to make your life easier and secure positive outcomes.

Project: STEM Building
Client: City College Plymouth
RIBA Stages: 0 to 7

Stage 0:
Strategic Definition

Stage 1:
Preparation & Brief

Stage 2:
Concept Design

Stage 3:
Spacial Coordination

Stage 4:
Technical Design

Stage 5:

Stage 6:
Hand Over

Stage 7:

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