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Hugs Children’s Cancer Charity

Hugs Children’s Cancer Charity

ADG Graphics were commissioned by Hugs Children’s Cancer Charity to refresh their website which was built nearly 10 years ago and was over due a refresh. The website needed to be a CMS website, so the client could manage the website making updates to text and images when needed.

The design had to include specific text information, and a selection of well chosen images, along with their branding and colourways.

ADG Graphics - Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth

Client: Hugs Children’s Cancer Charity
Service: Website Development
Sector: Charity

ADG worked closely with the client to really understand their objectives for their new website, and what it had to do in order for visitors to understand their services and how the charity might be able to help them.

With the sensitive nature of what the charity provides, the website had to illustrate this to visitors and put across that they’re able to help in various ways depending upon their own circumstances.

ADG Graphics - Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth

The charity had several main goals for the new website: 1) It needed to portray that the charity is available to support families in need; 2) Have a clear call to action for getting in touch and for donating; 3) Include a selection of testimonials and stories to make other families aware that they’re not alone, and; 4) That the charity could make changes to the website once it had been handed over.

By including ‘hero’ stories, it gave a far greater emotional impact for the visitors which made them aware that they’re not alone in their struggle and would encourage them to get in touch, or make donations if it resinated with them.

We always want visitors to be able to find the information they need in as little clicks as possible. In this case, a maximum of 2 clicks was needed for that to happen, and in some cases only one. This allows visitors to easily navigate around the website and find the information required.

ADG Graphics - Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth
ADG Graphics - Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth
ADG Graphics - Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth
ADG Graphics - Hugs Children's Cancer Charity Plymouth

As the charity depends heavily on monetary and charity shop donations, they needed the new website to direct visitors to either of these end points. Therefore each page had the address and contact details for the charity shop and donations/furniture warehouse.

The website also needed a clear call to action ‘Donate Today’ button which takes visitors to a Just Giving page.

The website also includes a fundraising section which shows visitors how they can get involved. This helps to gain additional traction when the charity is looking for new funders.

The project ended by having a CMS training workshop and a manual of useful step-by-step instruction on how to make changes to their website was handed to the client.

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