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A healthy, sustainable future…

ADG is committed to providing high quality, sustainable and healthy places for our clients, their building users, and future generations. This can only happen by considering our impact, both on the community and our planet.

ADG Architecture Design Graphics Plymouth Devon

We’re committed to driving positive change by:

reducing our own energy use and environmental impact;

creating places with minimal carbon footprints;

creating designs with positive and enhanced inclusion of the natural world;

improving health and wellbeing by creating healthy environments and aspirational designs;

reinvesting in our communities and providing support to those who need it most.

ADG Architecture Design Graphics Plymouth Exeter Devon Cornwall South West

The Practice Ethos

All projects are unique, we believe that the best design will come directly from understanding the specific site assets and constraints.

We actively encourage the reuse and upgrading of existing buildings and features, putting back robust, highly efficient building fabric in a manner that will allow future flexibility and long-term sustainable enjoyment.

We interrogate our designs from the outset based on sustainable principles, and we collaborate with skilled energy and ecology consultants to deliver the best all-round solutions for our clients.

Our design ethos principles include:

ADG Design Ethos Diagram

“We have worked with the ADG for several years and I am delighted to report that ADG’s quality and innovative approach remains consistently high in all departments.”

Will Ashworth,
Managing Director, Watergate Bay Hotel

ADG Sustainability Studio 5-11 roof PVs
ADG Sustainability Studio 5-11 external envelop refurbishment

Our Own Impact

Our reused and refurbished 1970s office has been highly insulated and provides an easily commutable city centre base for our talented team.

Our own rooftop PV array provides more than 40% of our electrical needs. In order to further drive the continual reduction of our carbon emissions we have determined our business Carbon Management Plan.

ADG has an aspiration to be a carbon neutral business by 2030.

ADG Architecture Design Graphics Plymouth Exeter Devon Cornwall South West
Oceansgate Commercial Offices and Industrial Units by ADG Architecture in Plymouth Devon
ADG Architecture Design Graphics Plymouth Devon
ADG Brixham Fire Station Devon

The Challenge

Sustainability can be subdivided into three areas of consideration, environment, economy, and society. When it works it appears obvious and effortless, but cheap energy has historically moved us away from the obvious by removing necessity and encouraging poorly considered choices to become plausible.

The challenge for us all is how to rediscover those naturally informed decisions so that we can all lead better lives. We have access to the tools and specialisms that can allow us to make better-informed choices than ever before.

Watermans Cottage by ADG Architects Design Graphics offering architectural design and development in Plymouth, Exeter, Devon and Cornwall

Skills, Tools and Experience

We can match our approach to your aspirations and desired outcomes. Our belief is that effective design stems from early consideration of sustainability and energy issues.

We have designed projects to BREEAM accreditation, Passivhaus principles, EACB accreditation, Part O (overheating) analysis and simple robust first principles, delivering proven results.

Analysis and internal review is built into our ISO 9001 and 14001 QA systems. We work closely with highly qualified specialists to provide quantified detailed analysis and deliver appropriate system design and specification.

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It Starts With You…

We love it when a client approaches us with a brief that has sustainability embedded at its very heart. When the Watergate Bay Hotel asked us to design them highly sustainable new guest accommodation, we developed a design for them from first principles that fitted into the topography and maximised the site potential whilst requiring little energy to run. The strategy had the added benefit of producing higher project returns whilst every unit has a great view and access to sunshine.

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Our private client wanted to gain as much benefit from their limited budget as they could when building a replacement home in the Dartmoor National Park. But they were also acutely aware of their own impact on our planet when doing so. Our pragmatic approach delivered planning approval for a new build, compact, carefully considered new home that would provide considerable carbon saving returns when compared to their current home, by utilising Passivhaus design principles.

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All we need is your aspiration, we will work with you to determine how to turn it into reality.

Electrical cable management and electronic tagging manufacturer HellermannTyton, asked us, as part of an extensive design team, to develop a new manufacturing facility for them in Plymouth. Their site came with the restriction of achieving BREEAM target levels of sustainability. We worked with the team to delivery this aspiration within budget and programme.

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