City College STEM Building


Higher Education / Interior Design

A central element of City College’s long term strategy has been to combine the Goschen facitilties with the main King’s Road Campus, this will be enabled by the new S.T.E.M. Centre. ADG has been appointed to provide architectural design consultancy services in the development of the project. An earlier site appraisal was carried out to consider the constraints and opportunities, potential building orientation, massing and site access issues both to and from the area local to the proposed building.

ADG has worked closely with the college to develop the Brief and subsequent preliminary design strategy. During early discussions with the key ‘Stakeholder’ groups through the preliminary stages of the ‘Brief’ development process, it was made clear that the design should be developed with flexibility as the core driver. Moreover, the importance of providing flexibility to escape the more traditional and institutional characteristics once associated with the design of Educational establishments resulted in a re-appraisal of the brief through intensive consultation between the Design Team and City College team over a relatively short period of time.

Following on from the development of the initial brief during Stages B & C, the design team have continued working alongside College representatives to establish and develop a set ‘Room Data’ sheets which will be used as a vehicle to illustrate the specific detailed requirements of each room or space within the building. This method is often used to establish a detailed analysis of Client Brief requirements and to provide a vehicle for the recording of every element of a building design and its functional requirements.

Wherever possible, the building design has been developed to ensure minimal enclosed circulation routes combined with the visual linking of the first three floors via the new atrium. The refurbishment of the existing Hall (including the current raised stage area and the existing College Estates Offices below) will provide the new performing arts facility within the scope of the project. The brief requirements for this were established during Stages B & C and subsequent design layout options were created and put forward.