Princess Yachts



Princess Yachts International is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury super yachts, based primarily at Newport Street, Plymouth with ancillary facilities located nearby in Coypool, Langage and Lee Mill. The demand and expanding range of Flybridge super yachts has resulted in a need for larger facilities to be located within South Yard, Devonport.

The intention is to provide new production facilities separated into three identical phases. Each phase will consist of an 80m x 65m building, with an approximate height at eaves of 23m, providing manufacturing facilities for a new range of yachts up to 50m in length.

A new covered Test Tank will be constructed within an existing Shallow Dock to allow for the placement, testing and launching of the new and existing ranges of yachts. The proposed steel structure will be curved towards the existing Slip No.1. New pontoons will be installed to the western edge of the dock to provide access onto the yachts.

A sales & management office building is also proposed at the southern end of the site. Positioned next to the quay edge it will provide office space of approximately 25,000sqft within a two-storey linear pavilion type building.